early excerpts from Coleman Hill . . .

Best American Short Stories 2022 book cover showing stacked books

Man of the House
The Best American Short Stories 2022 & Ecotone, 2021

magazine cover showing long-necked black woman wearing sunglasses

What We Knew
Green Mountains Review, 2021

drawing of sausages, house, and whiskey bottles

Daddies and Sons
The Rumpus, 2021

magazine cover showing sheet blowing over rocky coastline

How to Kill Gra’ Coleman and Live to Tell about It
The Missouri Review, 2018

camera, journal, and typewriter on a desk

On “Coleman Hill”
The Missouri Review, 2018

cotton bulbs on stalk, Image by on Freepik

Taint Taint Taint, 2021

other publications . . .

drawing of a blue mermaid underwater by Valerie Herron

Waking Dream ~ experimental
Mermaids Monthly, 2021

white woman with blonde beehive hairstyle

The Joke ~ essay
Reverie, 2008

cracked ground photo by Sneaky Head

Drought ~ experimental
Flapperhouse, 2017

available for purchase . . .

book cover showing an afro pick and black woman with half braided hair

Naturally: A Hair Journey to Africa and Beyond ~ essay
Trauma, Tresses, & Truth, 2022

book cover showing halves of two faces

Dirty Money ~ essay
Relations: An Anthology of African and Diaspora Voices, 2023

interviews . . .

clip of author giving interview

Lower Cape TV, 2023

the author standing in front of a bookshelf holding a book, photo by Wesley Bunnell

Swarthmore College Bulletin, 2021

clip of article showing the author

The Provincetown Independent, 2023